Flexible Packaging

Custom Flexible Film Technologies engineered for your application

We utilize resin technologies to maximize and protect the investment you make in packaging. In utilizing the highest grades of resin possible we deliver value by allowing you to reduce the thickness of your finished package while increasing it’s functionality and performance. We deliver more while utilizing less!

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  • Bottom Seal
  • Sideweld
  • Wicketed
  • Flat Sheeting
  • J-Fold
  • C-Fold
  • Side or Bottom Gusset
  • Gusseted & Flat Tubing
  • Large Web Bin Liners


  • Eight Color In-Line Printing
  • Ten Color High Definition Flexographic print
  • High Heat Lacquer Overcoat
  • Low Slip Lacquer
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  • Light blocker films (Black inside white outside)
  • Reclosable zippers
  • Tape closures
  • Flexible venting options
  • Modified Atmosphere Packaging
  • Die cut handles
  • Anti-Fogging additives
  • Angle seals to square the bottom of your bag!


  • Shrink film, bags or tubing
  • Extrusion with one to nine unique layers
  • Ultra High clarity resins
  • Slip levels engineered to your specifications
  • High puncture resistance / Low abrasion
  • Barrier properties to control:
    • Oxygen, moisture & oil transmission
  • Boilable solutions
  • Low melt indexes facilitating wide sealing windows
  • Lidding film
  • Forming & Non-forming films
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